Notelets On A Saturday

Ben Human
1 min readMay 25, 2024
Velvet & Skye, taken by author

I may be in a filthy mood
and have been since last week,
but my lady is speaking to me
in higher tongues
at every turn.

And the river!
It’s been coming down for days
and the Vienne is flowing
like a wall of ruptured ice,
making pretty plumelets
as it falls and rises
and ripples out
in a gentle foam
on the sandy banks,
down there on the other side
where the cul de sac bends and
stops dead in
a secret garden.

There where my loves,
the beautiful young bitches
can run and sniff and
suddenly cock their backs
and crook their tails
and leave a steamer, laughing,
their tongues flapping
and their teeth so primal
and white.

The border collie,
one ear always cocked
and the other flopped forward,
and the Roumanian rescue rubbish pup…